Previous Litters

Kissy's 1st litter - 6 weeks
Kissy's 1st litter - 8 weeks
1 Beautiful Blue c/p Girl & 3 Adorable Blue c/p Boys
Butterfly's 1st itter - 6 weeks
Butterfly's 1st Litter - 7 weeks
1 Tabby Boy, 1 Tabby Girl, 1 Blue C/P Girl & 1 Blue Mitted Girl
The three girls Ragadee Forget-me-Not, Ragadee Love-in-a-Mist and Ragadee Silvermist
are now on the showbench and doing well!
Daisy's First Litter
Daisy 25.07.08 kittens
Four gorgeous blue colourpoint boys
Three adorable seal colourpoint girls
two of which are now on the show bench,
Ragadee Caramel Kisses & Ragadee Creme Brulee
Lily's First Litter
Two beautiful seal colourpoint girls and one seal tortiepoint
Tigerlily's 2 Red Boys
Two wonderful red boys
One blue colourpoint and one seal colourpoint boys
The seal colourpoint boy is Ragadee Totally Cocoa our new stud boy
Tilly's First Litter
One cute seal bi-colour girl Tiramisu who is now on the show bench
and one seal colourpoint boy