About Ragadee Ragdolls

Ragadee Ragdolls
Thank you for visiting my Website: My name is Denise and I live in leafy Warwickshire.  I first became interested in breeding cats over 20 years ago, my first pets were non-pedigree cats, just ordinary 'moggies'.  The first litter of kittens I reared was a litter of four tabbies, I really enjoyed the experience it was fascinating and when they went to their new homes it was very satisfying to see the excitement in their children's faces when they cuddled their new addition to the family.  That was the first of many litters and I was quite content with my moggies until the day I was introduced to my first 'Ragdoll'.......
Well, there was no hope for me... I was captivated!!  I just had to have one!  I began with a Blue Colourpoint, her name is Daisy. Tigerlily then came to live with us she is a Seal Tortiepoint, followed by Tilly and Poppy Seal and Blue Tortie Bi-colours, the list goes on... Photos of my Raggies are on the relevant pages of this site.
A word of warning!  Before you are introduced to your first Ragdoll remember, 
'Ragdolls are addictive, one is never enough'