F A Q's

Can I let my Ragdoll outside?
No! Ragdoll cats are too trusting and not very 'streetwise'.  They may roam or even get stolen.
Do all Ragdolls flop in your arms?
Ragdolls are probably the most 'laid-back' breed of cats, the more affection you show them the more they will give back..
How large do they get?
It varies from one cat to another and depends on their Pedigree, but males range from 12-30lbs and females between 8-15lbs.
Do Ragdolls need a lot of grooming?
No, Ragdolls are semi-long haired cats and require minimal brushing or combing, once a week is fine.
I have heard breeders say that you cannot have just one Ragdoll if you are out at work all day. Is this a sales gimmik?
No definitely not.. Ragdolls are very social cats they love company and attention, if they were left alone all day at home they would pine, become depressed and be very lonely. They need company, whether this be a rescue cat or pedigree, although they would have to be suited to indoor life.
Would a Ragdoll be a suitable pet with a young child?
Yes, Ragdolls are extremely docile cats with a very loving nature.  They would not intentionally hurt anyone although a small child should be supervised as with any pet. Ragdolls are very trusting and will take a lot of rough play and may be in danger of being hurt by your child!
I already have a dog and cat, will a Ragdoll settle in?
Yes. Ragdolls are very compatible with other pets and they adapt to most situations.  There will of course be hissing to begin with until they are used to one another but this should not last more than a week or so.