The Ragdoll Breed

Ragdolls were so named by their founder Ann Baker because of their docile, laid back disposition.  When you pick up a Ragdoll they just flop in your arms, they are ideal lapcats.  They are medium to large sized, gentle relaxed cats, undemanding and very tolerant of most situations.  Famous for being people orientated cats who become very attached to their owners.  With their gentle laid back nature they are the perfect pet for children and the elderly and they adapt easily into a pet household.
Ragdolls have a sweet expression and are chunky and muscular giving an overall impression of elegance and balance.  They grow into large loveable cats, with some neutered males reaching 30lbs.  They have beautiful blue eyes which captivate all who come into contact with them, these are complemented with a beautiful silky medium length coat which requires minimal grooming usually once a week.  A ruff frames its beautiful head with a wide ear set and ski-slope nose, its beautiful silky fur adorns its body down to its long 'knickerbockers' and magnificent plumed tail.
Ragdolls are born completely white and are still developing their full colour throughout their adolescence, one thing that doesn't change though (which the Ragdoll is famous for) is their eye colour, they are blue at birth and stay blue throughout their lifetime.  Unlike other breeds that are cutest as kittens, the Ragdoll becomes more beautiful with age....